Teaching Corner
I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think. (Socrates)

At Notre Dame University-Louaize, during Fall 2019, I am teaching 2 sections of Linear Algebra (MAT 215) and 2 sections of Numerical Analysis (MAT 339).

During Spring 2019, I taught a section of Linear Algebra (MAT 215) and 2 sections of Numerical Analysis (MAT 339).

In the Fall 2017, I taught 2 sections of Calculus III (MAT 213), as well as the Elementary Differential Geometry course (MAT 400), and the Graduate course General Topology (MAT 625).

During Spring 2016, I taught the following undergraduate courses: Algebra I (MAT 411), Topology I (MAT 412), Numerical Analysis (MAT 339), as well as a tutorial course on Advanced Calculus II (MAT 423).

During Fall 2015-2016, I taught the first Graduate course in Algebra, as well as the undergraduate course in Numerical Analysis.

In Spring 2015, I taught Numerical Analysis and Advanced Calculus 2 (which is the second course in real analysis).

Since Fall 2013, I have taught various Calculus courses, Numerical Analysis, Probability and Statistics for Engineers, as well as Advanced Calculus (the first course in real analysis), and some tutorial classes in Algebra and Topology (tutorial means for a small group of students)

In Fall 2012-2013, at Leibniz Universitat Hannover, where I was doing a postdoc, I held problem solving sessions for the Riemannian Geometry course taught by Prof. Roger Bielawski: website for the Riemannian Geometry course.

I wrote a small pdf: introduction to Differential Geometry. Moreover, you can find for instance a proof that the hyperbolic plane has constant negative curvature (equal to -1) in the following pdf: a few simple facts about the hyperbolic plane.